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Guide on taking screenshots

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Taking screenshots


It is vital to take screenshots for kill pics in P2P pks, but also for our PvM droptable. Please download Sharex and read the guide below if you don't have a screenshot program already. We need those pictures for our recaps.

To screenshot all the wins that we are about to have, follow this guide.


If you don't wish to use this program, you can always stick to regular upload sites such as www.imgur.com and upload pics via that.





Step 1) Go to this link in the browser of your choice: https://getsharex.com/


Step 2) In the middle of the page click the "download" button



Step 3) You are going to want the screenshots as Imgur because that's the superior one. Once Share X is downloaded and you have opened the application click "Destinations" on the tool panel to the left. Hover over "Image uploader" then select Imgur from the list.





Step 5) You are going to want your images to be in the right place so go back to the tool panel on the left and click "After capture tasks". Once you're here have nothing selected except "Copy image to clipboard" and "Upload image to host".                                                                                                      



Step 6) You are also going to want to go select "After upload tasks" and have nothing selected other than "Copy URL to clipboard" 9kztKeg.png


Step 7) Once you've done these steps go back to the main screen of the application and review all the hotkeys to capture different parts of your computer, which I will show you here.                                                                                                                                                                         rVWkZX9.png

I personally use Ctrl + Print Screen the most because it allows you to control the size and area of what you are taking a screenshot of.


*Feel free to mess around with the settings for different effects or hotkeys that you deem fit for the application, however this is the most basic setup that'll suffice for all your needs.


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