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  1. Banana

    Happy B Day

    Happy birthday!
  2. Banana

    New Year New ME!!!

    Not really a resolution but more of a goal to move countries to the US and settle in there. Considering it's already in motion, it's quite an easy one to achieve.
  3. Banana


    Happy birthday baldy, have a good one!
  4. Banana


    Happy belated birthday!
  5. Cool topic :)! I know I've definitely had my life influenced - although it was more from the clanning community rather than the game itself. The game just happened to be the thing we first had in common when we start interacting with others. The amount of people and their stories that we've come across is pretty amazing. We've all had our high and lows on this game but it doesn't take away the fact that all those experiences shaped us and some of those experiences just happened to be shared. It's really hard to put into words how all of this has affected us - not because there isn't anything, but because it's a part of who we are. A lot of my life right now revolves around where work is. I immigrated for this job leaving behind family and friends. The job I managed to land requires skills that I first picked up whilst in the clanning community and later refined. Things like leading clans, running forums and creating software were things that initially pushed me in this direction but that only happens when people have faith in your abilities or potential. Sure, ability and hard work plays its part, but I think it was the belief people had (and those who continue to do so!) that now leads to me sitting at my hotel bar abroad replying to this topic. Similar to you, I've moved past the game. Therefore, moved past the common interest that brought us all together. So I think everyone I still keep in touch with, whether through Forsaken or other means, has transcended beyond the game.
  6. Can always set up a forsaken Minecraft one that is private if you like.
  7. Banana

    Holiday 2019

    Hawaii in 2 weeks
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