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  1. Rickeh_2

    Chill Room

    Free roaming attack goats is a mandatory excercise during the final exam, I'll be fine if I pass that @Mas1991
  2. Rickeh_2

    Mahogany Homes

    Just mash that 99 out in like 5 hours whats the problem?
  3. The best tier 7 ballista clan out there
  4. Rickeh_2

    Share your Memes

    @Bas I feel unsafe
  5. Rickeh_2

    Chill Room

    Passed my first exam today 1 more to go
  6. Rickeh_2

    Chill Room

    Motorcycle driving lesson today
  7. Rickeh_2


    My man. Hope you had a good one
  8. Rickeh_2

    Chill Room

    Played as a defender for the first time since I broke my ankle in september. Good to be back
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