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  1. Adam

    Chill Room

    My net is so bad and cuz of corona no one wanna come and fix it
  2. Hey welcome maiks friend is my friend
  3. Drop received: Inquistor helmet Date of drop: 1/04/2020 Shared or FFA?: shared Other participating members: @Bas @Cedric @Maik NOT @TomNumbers Screenshot:
  4. Adam

    Nightmare Pet

    i have stupid luck to pets i dont need sad
  5. 888 cox/15 loots is purple every 59 chests, depends how many man raids u doing but i'd say this log is decent. U still miss 3 bad troll loots lol.
  6. Adam

    Tiger king

    i will have a look
  7. Adam

    Game Improvements

    The inventory icons for cat ears have been re-centred.
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