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  1. Thanks I figured it out now
  2. Here's my loot from 1 kq kill.
  3. I'm 24, my gf is 22. I wouldnt go much younger
  4. I'm the original owner, started it back when they released rs07, back then I joined DF with Mas1991 and Countymad among a few other ex FSK members, I trained it to pretty much the stats it still has, when I quit I gave it to someone from DF to use as a spare, I dont actually remember their name, and I've tried to contact the guy who has it set as his account on the TR forums to see if he wants anything from it (I cancelled the bank pin but cant get in for another 2½ days so if you know it that would be awesome). If there are things in the bank I can give them to whoever has been using it, not that important to me
  5. Thanks for all the greetings Yea Bas I remember you I remember a few other names on here aswell
  6. Haha you say not much has changed, but half the gear people use for pvm and so on is unknown to me
  7. Reason for Introduction Just started rs up again, dont really know anyone but I remember FSK as being cool. Current and Past Display Names Ha Kest, Weedplanter, Keste89, probably lots of others think if anyone remembers me its by Weedplanter IRC Registered Name None atm Do you know anyone in Forsaken? If yes, who? Used to know some a long time ago, but havent played for many years Tell us about yourself (IRL Name/Age/Interests/Hobbies/Games) A minimum of 40 words here My name is Jesper, I'm Danish and I never thought I would return to RS, but I'm kind of bored irl, and saw some streamers on twitch that inspired me to start up again. I used to be in FSK back when it started after Golden Sun closed down, but it has been a long time. List all previous Clans and Teams The ones I remember are DF, FSK, Golden Sun, RSD Anything else you wish to add Not really looking to start warring or anything, but would be cool to have some people to talk to once in a while, it's a bit confusing with all the changes made to RS.
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