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  1. Lmfao not even 2K total what u doing
  2. Jelle

    Nieve VS Duradel

    Duradel if ur not cannoning, Nieve/Steve if u are
  3. Jelle

    Tune as fuck

    Since when do you listen to this kind of music Raams..
  4. 500 Bandos 400 Sara 200 Arma 600 DKS 800 Sire 800 KQ 300 Cerb 56 Jad Nothing too special.
  5. That's the colour on your "meet the member" topic
  6. Your current & past display names Jelle, O0O0O0O0OOOO, Bend Da Knee What's your combat level? 126 Post a picture of your stats below What are your favorite ingame activities? Killing people and monsters on RS but I don't mind the occasional 2T Woodcutting session. List your previous clans and explain why you left them (if any) Dutch Generation 2009-2012 - Closed for EOC Natural Born Killers 2012-2012 - Closed during EOC Echo Of Silence 2013-2013 - Closed Do you know any Forsaken members? If yes, who? Darkruler Ruler Mike Jordy Raamsdonkey1 Michele Ac Eastlandos Jafkk Master R124 Alice Jacky Cow Livinglargex Banana Pgx Q3 Zero Pete N00b Frouke FW Helios H0TJ4va Tom08894 xMike Atilio Jake Kila Kjellcl5 Beke1 Maikk Reiss Smi6 Tell us some information about yourself Hey, I'm Jelle. 23 Year old guy living in the wonderful country named Belgium. When I say wonderful Belgium I actually mean in the dutch speaking part as far away as possible from those dirty frenchies. Doing my last year of Chemical Engineering in September so yea.. that's something cool to look out for I guess. I'm generally a really nice guy to talk to and I'm sure the people in the list above this question can confirm that Are you willing to come on our Teamspeak? Sure Are you willing to idle in our IRC channel #Forsaken? Added it to autojoin just now.
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