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  1. Is it really necessary to mention that I had left the kill before?
  2. Left too early I see. Nice bank!
  3. Hey man, welcome! We talked a bit in the cc earlier today, glad to see you decided to app. People sometimes like to joke around here, just don't let that get to you and talk to staff if it gets too much. Usually we're very friendly, but sometimes we joke around a bit too much
  4. With the comp coming to an end, I was wondering how many people would be interested in doing/learning some small team Nightmare. Might not be the best consistent moneymaker, but it's fun to learn a new boss I think and the uniques are worth a lot of money, so you can still make some good gp.
  5. @Raams @BridLaden @Eulumii
  6. Drop received: Bandos Boobs Date of drop: 16 March Shared or FFA?: King Kush and @BoyJimmy10 Other participating members: -
  7. TomNumbers


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