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  1. Happens every now and then for me too. But once it’s done dropped for 10 seconds it won’t happen again for hours. And my laptop is only 4 months old. I’ve tried reinstalling runelite but still happens. your computer isn’t doing any scans in the background or your pc looking for updates?
  2. Was very good, great idea. Great effort by all
  3. kieran

    Corona effects

    worked normal throughout it all, company trying to push social distancing and really doesnt work in my trade as we have to be next to each other. Affected my work massively in regards to that all of the production has been furloughed for 9 weeks meaning us maintenance are having to strip all of the machines down to the bone. Had a £4500 pay cut to try and save the business (this is all 450 staff on site). Mainly missed the football, going to all the games home and away and actually playing pissed up on a sunday morning. Hopefully all coming back now as now having kick abouts on the fields by us.
  4. congrats the grind paid off man
  5. Welcome back bro, Old school unit coming back
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