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  1. Forums | Discord: https://discord.gg/gGGr2Bp | GMT Based Community Clan | Forsakenclan cc ingame | Recruitment topic Forsaken's ballista trip 6 August 2020 Massed up the troops today for a ballista trip. Peaked at 27 people I believe so that was pretty solid. Not much stood in our way today with these numbers, we basically cleared every world and team we saw. Lots of good loot was obtained, big shout out to our TBers and freezers who carried this trip We fought SR, DB and a bunch of random teams & protection cc's. Overall great action today. Most pictures in the spoiler, couple down below. Honestly, who is even going to try and stop us become the richest clan ingame?
  2. Bas

    PVP Changes

    I don't see this changing much tbh
  3. Bas

    Mahogany Homes

    Hmm, sounds okay as long as they don't make it great xp. The wall kit looks pretty neat ngl
  4. #1 miner ayyy Grats all winners!
  5. Almost maxed, nice one! Welcome to Forsaken Roy
  6. Bas

    Chill Room

    Yeh understandable, I love theme parks
  7. Bas

    Chill Room

    What theme park did you go to?
  8. Bas

    Just pet now >_>

    All but pet in that kc? Jeez your rng dude... Grats!
  9. Nice one to have, quick bank. Grats Micheleeeee
  10. Bas


    Happy birthday my boy Hope you had a good one
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