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  1. A_Mythrandir

    Tiger king

    just binged the whole thing yesterday. Its a good series, and interesting to see. I do feel however that they go a lot into their personal lives and affairs, and that the whole Tiger aspect is disregarded. All in all i think they are all being bad people and exploiting the animals, also that woman. STill, good documentary and hsould hopefully create some sparks of protest in the US about having exotic wildlife as pets
  2. welcome once more Also, Damage inc heh? very nice, I remember it from back in 2000's. most notorius and feared clan out there
  3. First decent clue scroll loot! from a hard clue: ancient page 1 ancient chaps dragon boots ornament kit rune pick and pl8body
  4. damn, nice loots €€€
  5. woohoo! Great job Forsaken, and well played clan Europe!
  6. lets get the quests and reqs ready!
  7. woop woop! Nice! congratzzzz Also, eewwwwww
  8. Cool! Nice wars just how I remembered them. Hopefully there will be some in the future?
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