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  1. welcome once more Also, Damage inc heh? very nice, I remember it from back in 2000's. most notorius and feared clan out there
  2. First decent clue scroll loot! from a hard clue: ancient page 1 ancient chaps dragon boots ornament kit rune pick and pl8body
  3. damn, nice loots €€€
  4. woohoo! Great job Forsaken, and well played clan Europe!
  5. lets get the quests and reqs ready!
  6. Cool! Nice wars just how I remembered them. Hopefully there will be some in the future?
  7. Thanks Bas, I definitly will do what everyone tells me (to up my combat), as for events I will check them out and choose the ones that might suit my timezone better! I feel like I am online the same time with you guys in my mornings, so that might work. Other events (like the lately fishing contest) is done pretty much solo anyway right? I will be able to catch up and will be active to the best of my abilities Ofcourse, me being in Australia is only temporary and I will possible go back to Europe next summer!
  8. thanks guys! Is 110+ mandetory for PvM? Does an exceptional skill set, like for example 99 range with high def and prayer, be enough for PvM or other activities :)?
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