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  1. Dem gainz, grats guys
  2. Grats on the pets guys, shame I had to work.
  3. Congratulations man, goodluck with the rest of your goals
  4. I had no luck at bosses whatsoever so had to do some desperate attempts at Barrows, think next time I'll focus fully on Barrows. Didn't help I got a Zenyte shard and Dagonhai top just before the event started 😩
  5. Drop received: Torag Hammers Date of drop: 1/15/2020 Shared or FFA?: - FFA Other participating members: - Screenshot:
  6. Don't forget the midweek games next week aswell, happy fucking days. UTFT
  7. I was watching your stream like why the fuck is he smiting Congratulations man.
  8. Welcome back and good luck 😊
  9. Naffer_EFC


    Didn't really rate him until I seen this all over Twitter, brilliantly funny and spoke the truth along the way
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