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  1. Chris

    Football Discussion

    No I'm living based on what was posted by the EPL on their website a few days ago before it got removed. This was the statement it prob got removed due it it not being suppose to be out yet. Sorry looks like you're staying red faced for now. ‪“With this, there is a combined objective for all remaining domestic league and cup matches to be played, enabling us to maintain the integrity of each competition.”‬ ‪https://www.premierleague.com/news/1651836‬
  2. Chris

    Football Discussion

    Looks like they're going to resume it when it's safe to do so.
  3. Chris

    Football Discussion

    Anfield still has the best record in all of europe obviously you won't know that tho since your club will never play that type of football. Imagine the highlight of your season being Liverpool losing lmfao!
  4. Chris

    Football Discussion

    30+ shots jesus christ lol. History repeats itself with goalkeeper issues.. whatever anyway if we cant put them away after that many shots we deserve to go out.
  5. Chris

    Football Discussion

    Well 2 wins from the title or 2 city losses now so could be at Everton/Palace.. Hopefully Everton lol.
  6. Chris

    Football Discussion

    Could of (and should of) did that against Bournmouth at HOME. That team would of beat Bournmouth and he could of gone full strength and gone to the next round of the FA cup which is why i question it being important to him. League is pretty much wrapped and as said that team at home would of beat Bournmouth.. Maybe he thought that we needed momentum in the game BEFORE Atletico so didn't want to lose at any cost.. But it still de value's the cup in my eyes doing that and shows it doesn't mean "that" much to him.
  7. Chris

    Football Discussion

    IF it was something he desperately wanted then he would of fielded his first 11. He played adrian, 2 youngsters, minamino and origi who isn't in our starting 11 and on top of it didn't even put origi in his normal position (that was tactically wrong). I think he "wanted" to win it but it wasn't something he really cared about when you compare it to the league/UCL. I don't see why he couldn't of used his starting 11 against Chelsea and those players against bournmouth since its at home. The FA cup isn't what it use to be. Did chelsea field their usual starting 11? No. They clearly have the same mindset as us.. The UCL/EPL is all klopp wants although yes id rather another trophy but it wasn't on my mind caring about a "treble" all that's on my mind is wrapping up the league and progressing in the UCL. As i said above id of rather go full force against Chelsea and this squad against bournmouth as its at home too.. But Klopp obviously had different priorities.
  8. Chris

    Football Discussion

    Please tell me which Fans cared about winning an FA cup. If Klopp wanted it he would of played all our starters.
  9. Chris

    Football Discussion

    Lost 2 EPL games in 2 seasons. The team we played last night looked like it was just random names thrown in a blender and chucked onto the field. Origi isn't a winger and minamino has never played as a striker before,
  10. Chris

    Football Discussion

    We was, its since the break we had.. We literally came back shit lol.
  11. Chris

    Football Discussion

    Needed that loss.. Past few games have been piss poor performances. Very curious if he will change his approach against Chelsea in the FA cup now because I'm pretty sure he was going to use a few youngsters but he might rethink it to get the team back to winning again. Soon find out what the mentality of the team is like now.. Either we will go through a rough spell or we will bounce back instantly.. Just hoping its the second one. Luckily the league is done and dusted think its 4 more wins or so but I wouldn't want to crash out of the FA cup and Champions league.
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