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  1. Samphet

    Football Discussion

    "this years our year"
  2. whoever invented EHP can suck a dick i fished my bloody heart out for that 1 hour , ah well
  3. niceeee man, i want all the helms only have theblack one find it hard to not skip eveyr other task i do ... got plenty of heads tho lol
  4. Drop received: Hyda heads + eye Date of drop: 20th + 22nd Shared or FFA?: N/A Other participating members: N/A
  5. Drop received: Ancestral Top Date of drop: 16/02/2020 Shared or FFA?: Shared Other participating members: carl brid xkingkush shds Screenshot:
  6. Drop received: Sara hilt Date of drop: 15/02/2020 Shared or FFA?: shared Other participating members: gilb Screenshot:
  7. may you dance on the graves on your enemies in your new cape
  8. best one to get imo noted bones r class congratulations on this fine accomplishment
  9. solid effort 2nd from last
  10. Samphet

    Clifford drops

    collection log doesnt have anything before the log came out you know - so like nearly all of the above but thanks for the advice xo
  11. Samphet

    Clifford drops

    all the ones i have screenies of from clif
  12. Drop received: Pegasian Crystal Date of drop: 14/01/2020 Shared or FFA?: FFA Other participating members: N/A
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