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  1. Thats really unlucky. But GZZZ
  2. Drop received: Dragon Claws Date of drop: 2020-03-28 Shared or FFA?: Shared Other participating members:@Ziidz @I712UG Screenshot:
  3. Welcome dude, I lost a friend only a couple of weeks ago. She was a wonderful human being. Stay strong. Feel free to ping me if you just want to chat.
  4. You mentioned me twice, does that mean i get a double split? GZZZZ tyvm for gear upgrades.
  5. Drop received: Arcane Prayer Scroll Date of drop: 14th March Shared or FFA?: FFA Other participating members: Those in: Bas Brian Buster Carl Daan Don Fisher Rhys Levi Link Naomi Taengo Dennis Kush - Clanwars not in
  6. Participating members: + Snoozebolton + Sogeking + Tea n Milk + Uncledenn1s + Valianti + W2 Clan Wars + WanderTheSee @out
  7. Grats on drops. Ballista and AGS pk ::)
  8. The elusive 95+ theiving spot. Congrats dude!
  9. Save some of that luck for COX please.
  10. wow! Most deserved pet 2020
  11. GZZZZ, stretched mode ftw.
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