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  1. Welcome bro, post around the forums and chill in discord
  2. Gilb

    Football Discussion

    Na the epl 'posted then deleted it' like someone on Instagram not getting enough likes. It's true bro man Liverpool are getting it no matter what do you not remember they are bigger than the UK being safer
  3. Gilb

    Chill Room

    Putting virtual air orbs onto branches for some experience
  4. Gilb

    Football Discussion

    Belarus football is still playing apparently? Let's all back a team and discuss in here
  5. Gilb

    Football Discussion

    Living in hope still I see, this shit isn't going to be over anytime soon tbh, if they will write off next season to finish this one fair enough but it will depend on revenue for teams and what will be best. If teams would lose a lot off a full season being missed they won't agree to it
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