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  1. Welcome Thomas! Another Dutchy I think? En bijna maxed? lekker hoor!
  2. Drop received: Kodai Insignia Date of drop: 2-05-2020 Shared or FFA?: @Koby @Kenji @Harka Other participating members: Screenshot:
  3. Drop received: Dexterous prayer scroll Date of drop: 2-5-2020 Shared or FFA?: Corey @Raams Other participating members: Screenshot:
  4. Naomi

    I apologize

    You tried UB, you tried. btw, rumour has it, Naomi is still to this day looking to go cox...
  5. After months of grinding I finally got 86 runecrafting today, and that together with all the other skills got me the achievement diary cape!!! Look at all those teleports and the cool emote haha Also got a cheeky first 99 on the account today
  6. Hahahahaha, it was Goon Platoon, dumb clan not worth mentioning tbh, compared to Forsaken XD. En don't forget to mention, we actually went to the same school, even had some classes together.
  7. Gratz on the pet Genk!
  8. Drop received: Ahrim;s robeskirt Date of drop: 18/03 Shared or FFA?: FFA Other participating members:
  9. Drop received: Verac's brassard Date of drop: 18/03 Shared or FFA?: FFA Other participating members:
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