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  1. With Jack, @Chedzilla @Out and chedzilla's alt
  2. Drop received: Onyx (tekton) Date of drop: 23/05/2020 Shared or FFA?: ffa Other participating members: Don Mcgay and Taengo Screenshot:
  3. I hereby claim this as my new indirect recruit @Bas
  4. Still cant believe u clicked that sceptre
  5. Drop received: Dragon Hunter Crossbow Date of drop: 15/05/2020 Shared or FFA?: shared Other participating members: Fuek, One Big Noob and Biggest_Crab - 3 random dudes that started following me at cox bank claiming they would report me if I didn't teach them raids. They died 15 times at olm, hence I have 33k out of 35k pts lol. hopefully they apply to fsk Screenshot:
  6. Drop received: arcane Date of drop: 9/5/2020 Shared or FFA?: In mass, split with @BridLaden Other participating members: multiple badass pvmers Screenshot
  7. … why did you become like this after getting a tbow. liked u more before.. right @Michele
  8. Welcome, hope you're gonna feel at home here!
  9. UB40

    I apologize

    Dear friends of Forsaken, I come here today to apologize for what I have done to Buster in the clanchat on 02/05/2020. I need to do this in order to get my life together again. Today in the chat, our dear friend, Michele Ac said 'Reported Buste r'. A little joke, known amongst the Runescape family that we have created. In fact he did not really report Buste r. That's the moment my sin started. I said; You have the right to remain silent; which is the Miranda warning. It is a type of notification customarily given by the police to criminal suspects in police custody (or in a custodial interrogation) advising them of their right to silence, that is, their right to refuse to answer questions or provide information to law enforcement or other officials. Often referred to as Miranda rights. I added to that, underhandedly, 'But that's not gonna be a problem''. Little did I know that I hurt Buste r by saying this. As soon as I blurted this out, Buster mentioned that this was IRL flaming, by saying ; ''Is that irl flame UB? (UB referring to my ingame name, UB 40). Me, as the felon I am started to defend myself immediately thus hopelessly by saying: 'No, that is a discord icon saying your mute all the time-flame''. At this point I realized my mistake already, but did not have the balls to anything about it. Scared of what repercussions this could have. To this moment I cannot eat, sleep, rave or repeat. I have to make this topic in order to re-establish my peace treaty with our dear clan-mate Buste r. Dear @Buster I sincerely apologize for what I have done to you in the chat. I did not mean to hurt your feelings or harm you in any way. My frustrations of never hearing your voice got the best of me. This is not an excuse, its simply the reason why I exploded. I will work on this in the future. Sorry. Below are two images that dissect the issue
  10. UB40

    Bingo Recap

    All of us put in a decent amount of effort, but have to thank @Harka for his insane grinds.
  11. Joined much later than old those old school 2007 warring kids (like a year ago), but really feel like this im part of this clan just as much!
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