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  1. gratz thats a huge milestone there you really had to go through hell but the pain was worth it and now you are .... wait where is your lumberjack outfit noob
  2. Hello., nice Vorki, enjoy your stay
  3. @Robbiboi @Curbridge @Beke1 @[email protected] else cant remember sory lovers
  4. OBS Studio is what I have pretty good to record shit
  5. I wanna ask you guys if you would wanna record during PK trips and eventually when we achieve some special clips and nice loots then send it to me? I would like to make a short pk vid for us , just to kill some free time and enjoy editing.. music choice and edit would be all on me leave a comment down below and dont forget to supskribe
  6. nice name lol, we can be friends i guess
  7. that first pic tho...didnt know Our Kid is such a good PKer
  8. no activity? i freakin died almost for these fishes !
  9. I have money for gear I just cba selling stuff lmao leave me alone bullies
  10. this morning at the work was happy in my runescape life, altough not too much happy irl since I did some mistakes and boss was mad at me once again but fuck it LOOK AT THIS JAW !!! YES BITCH YESYŮDASŮLDKJ SELL IT OR KEEP IT BOYS?
  11. yeah and mine too but its okay here they are
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